Shia LaBeouf Tells Jimmy Kimmel The Ridiculous Tale Behind His 'Cabaret' Arrest

Clearly Shia LaBeouf has a sense of humor about the bizarre antics that landed him in the tabloids earlier this year.

After addressing his behavior and apologizing for it on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" last week, LaBeouf was able to laugh at himself as he told the ridiculous story behind his June arrest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Monday.

LaBeouf started off the epic play-by-play by explaining that he had "been drinking a lot of whiskey" when he visited his girlfriend in Ireland. After returning to New York on a flight hours later, LaBeouf continued to drink at a bar and watch a World Cup game.

"And I'm drunk enough to really care at this point," he joked about the game, which he decided was South Korea vs. Lithuania.

LaBeouf then told Kimmel that he started chatting with a homeless man outside the bar. After a fan took a photo of LaBeouf on the street, the homeless man "got freaked out" and took off, which led to LaBeouf chasing him through Times Square to "try and calm him down."

And that's just only the beginning. After being invited to the Broadway production of "Cabaret," by a fellow bar patron (and dancer in the show), LaBeouf showed up and starting feeding a middle-aged woman strawberries at the theater's bar. (Seriously.)

LaBeouf finally attracted the attention of security after he saw the play's star, Alan Cumming -- "it could've been Allen Iverson at this point," he joked -- smoke a cigarette on stage, so he decided to light one up, too. From there, it only gets crazier. Watch the full blown story above.