Shia LaBeouf Head-Butts Man In London Bar Fight

This is not how one retires from "public life."

Anguished actor Shia LaBeouf managed to make quite the spectacle when he was caught on camera head-butting a man at a South London bar called the Hobgoblin on Thursday (Jan. 16), over remarks about his girlfriend Mia Goth's mother.

"What’d you say about my girl’s mom?" the 27-year-old actor can be heard screaming at the other man in the video captured by TMZ's cameramen. "Are you f--king kidding me, bro?"

LeBeouf then head-butted the man as two women can be heard yelling his name, trying to hold him back.

Not long after, another video of the former Disney star was released by TMZ that featured a seemingly intoxicated LaBeouf apologizing over beers to whom looks like a female patron. The "Transformers" star explains he's "a normal human being," and he's "not trying to sh-t on nobody ... I am super normal."

LaBeouf, who recently announced his retirement from all public life following a plagiarism scandal, has a history of getting into scrapes at bars. In 2011, he got his butt handed to him in a Vancouver bar, and in 2012 another scuffle broke out at the Hobgoblin involving the actor and another patron who stole his hat. Pro tip: it might be a good idea to steer clear of the Hobgoblin.

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