Shia LaBeouf Plagiarizes Lena Dunham, Probably Won't Apologize To Her With Skywriting

Shia LaBeouf's Latest Twitter Feud Takes Aim At Lena Dunham

Shia LaBeouf has not been doing a great job lately. He was recently accused of plagiarizing Daniel Clowes in his film "" and then apologized, by plagiarizing a series of apologies, before apologizing by hiring a skywriter. In the latest update of LaBeouf's apparent parody of himself, he has turned to plagiarizing Lena Dunham, inciting a terrifically passive Twitter feud.

When Dunham criticized LaBeouf's latest attempt at forgiveness, he responded by copying and pasting one of Dunham's past apologies from 2012, according to Celebuzz, in response to which Dunham invoked the name of one "Louis Stevens."

LaBeouf has not apologized to Dunham or any of the other people whose apologies he has stolen, including Jane Goody, porn star Mr. Marcus and some random person on Yahoo answers.

Years from now, it may be revealed that all of this meta plagiarism has been long-form performance art. Although, at the moment it seems the real issue is that Shia has run out of original things to say.

Suggestions for creative non-apologies to Lena include: carving a clever insult into an artisanal block of cheese, hiring a band of American Carrion Beetles to spell out "I'm NOT sorry, Lena" on a hand-woven bathmat, crafting a topiary arrangement in the shape of Allison Williams' face or just giving her a single rose.


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