Shia LaBeouf Expertly Shouts Down Alleged White Supremacist During Livestream

Going to be a long four-to-eight years.

Human performance art Shia LaBeouf launched a project last week to protest President Trump. Titled “He Will Not Divide Us,” the piece is simple: 24 hours per day, seven days per week, for the duration of the 45th presidency, a camera will livestream footage from outside New York’s Museum of the Moving Image, where passers by are encouraged to say, “He will not divide us,” over and over, as many times as they wish.

Perhaps inevitably, the stream attracted a disruptor, who can be seen in a clip posted to the project’s Twitter account Sunday.

LaBeouf quickly intervened without breaking the chant.

The disruptor, an apparent racist who appears to be wearing a gray hat of the style worn by some German forces in WWII, appears near the beginning of the video to shout “14” into the camera. That number holds significance for white supremacists.

While his other words are largely unintelligible, LaBeouf was not pleased with any of them, aggressively shouting the man down until he flees the scene.

Watch the whole thing above.

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