Shiba Inu Gets Stuck In Hedge, Keeps Calm And Carries On

Wow. Such calm.

When life gives you hurdles, jump. When that hurdle is a hedge, jump higher. When you get stuck ... deal with it.

This Shiba Inu appears to have gotten stuck in a hedge in Japan, and he's certainly dealing with it in the most calm way possible. Twitter user @yamamochi223 snapped a photo of the eerily chilled-out dog, whose head and front legs protrude from the bush.

The dog's composure made the photos a viral hit, and they trended on Reddit on Monday.

The Aug. 17 tweet that contained the photos has since been deleted, but Japanese news aggregator Rocket News kept a screenshot for posterity.

When it comes to Internet memes, Shibas are top dogs -- perhaps second only to the mighty corgi. They're also decent guard dogs in a pinch:

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