Shifting Into Your Spiritual Awakening

Have you ever been at a point in your life where you question, why am I here? What’s my purpose? Questioning life’s meaning is a great space to be in, it starts to expand the mind and awaken the soul, releasing from life’s stress that binds us. I’ve been here for several years, on my spiritual journey experiencing transformation, which is what caused me to reach out to Dr. Bruce Berkowsky.

Dr. Bruce Berkowsky has studied and practiced Natural Healing for almost 40 years. He is a teacher and founder of the The Natural Health Science System, which includes traditional therapy, nutrition, homeopathy, massage and bodywork, aromatherapy, constitutional iridology, as well as East/West healing arts/exercises. He founded Spiritual PhytoEssencing which employs individualized essential oil blends and homeopathic-style dilutions derived from those blends to effect deep soul-level healing. He is a contributing writing for numerous magazines and international journals including Alternative Medicine Digest and The Journal of The American Naturopathic Medical Association. Dr. Bruce has made several appearances on radio and TV Talk-Shows. He writes two internationally acclaimed monthly e-journals: Nature’s Therapies On-Line Journal and The Journal of Spiritual PhytoEssencing.

Having survived numerous car crashes, near death experiences and trauma, I have learned that life’s crisis will cause us to wake up and search for answers. The more shifts I experienced the more I wanted to search for evidence of what truly happens during a shift. Here’s what I found out in speaking with Dr. Bruce Berkowsky.

Why do you think so many people today are stuck and disconnected?

It’s worse today than it ever was because of the digital age, everything has become thought centered and the attention span is close to zero. There are quick cuts on TV and the acceleration in pace is decreasing duration. Suddenly an hour starts to feel like 30 minutes and a week feels like 3 days. So the pace has people caught up in the outer world and when we are living in a virtual reality there’s very little connection to spirit.

What causes someone to shift?

After experiencing a lot of trauma in life people reach a juncture where they realize no matter what they do they are still not being fulfilled. They realize they are not being themselves or acknowledged and they feel the estrangement from whom they really are. This profound sense of unhappiness causes them to say, “This can’t be all there is” and they start making their journey towards spirit.

What is a person experiencing when they say, “There has to be more out of life than this?”

You feel like you are dying. The survival personality, the ideal self that you use for interacting with society is basically formed when you were a child and it worked pretty well through your younger years and then as time progresses it no longer works, it becomes dysfunctional. Then you find when you use that same ideal self in later years and it doesn’t work you become disappointed with yourself, you feel the shallowness of it and it becomes very fatiguing. On a physical level the person starts to become very devitalized. Their energy, vital force goes down. This then lends urgency to the individual. They start to realize they are getting older and the time is passing, they feel lonely. Then the option becomes to either stay lonely or find some type of wholeness or connection that’s fulfilling which is only achieved through the soul. If they try to obtain the connection through anything other than the soul than it’s a life that’s only partially lived.

What happens when we shift?

The first emanation is spirit, you have this body of light of spirit and it’s from the light that the soul begins to emerge. The soul then individualizes, and you establish your own divine spark in the material realm. You become more trusting of your innate abilities. You choose to no longer listen to what society thinks is best. The most important thing when it comes to a spiritual awakening is subtraction in the nutritional sense, and getting rid of bad habits like lack of sleep and hanging onto stress. You need to subtract people in your life that are holding you back from shifting and being well, this is the most difficult step that puts people off their track.

What happens if we don’t shift?

Early aging and disease plus lack of harmony, unhappiness and desensitization to caring, very few people can achieve true wellness without wholeness of being, harmonization with the elements of the natural world and the spiritual world.

So there comes a point in life when we become sick and tired of the same merry-go round and we decide to jump off the cycle of feeling lack, does this sound familiar? It’s time to let go of what you don’t want so you can experience a shift. As a result you will be whole and well. But the journey is not easy. There are advancements and there are plateaus and when you learn to master the plateaus it’s then that you will move forward on your journey. It takes self-discipline, commitment and trust in yourself in knowing that there is a higher power guiding your journey. The time is now and peace and inner happiness awaits you. Let’s shift together.

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