Shimon Peres, Israeli President, Backs Gay Marriage

Israeli President Backs Gay Marriage

Israeli President Shimon Peres backed marriage equality during a state visit to Mexico, Ynet News is reporting.

Peres, whose remarks came on the heels of news that Israel is considering a landmark bill which would give tax credits to same-sex couples with children, told Ynet News:

Even a person who is a homosexual is a human being, and he has rights. We have no power to take away {their] rights.

We cannot take away someone's rights because they are different. We cannot take away their right to breathe, right to eat or right to start a family. We must allow everyone to live as is natural to them.

As the Washington Blade reports, Israel recognizes same-sex marriages legally performed abroad; however, a measure that would have extended marriage rights to gays and lesbians in the country recently died in committee.

Peres, 90, also served as Israel's prime minister twice. In 1994, he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

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