Shine Leather Furniture With Peanut Butter -- Really! (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Forget fancy polishes -- what your couch needs can be found in your cupboard.

If you're looking to shine your leather furniture, there's no need to buy special polishes. List Verse found a great way to gloss up your pieces with something you already have in your kitchen: peanut butter.

First, rub a small amount of the spread onto the surface in a circular motion. Then, using a soft cloth, buff it away. Howcast also recommends doing this to shoes that need a fresh look.

So, if you find yourself needing a quick solution for a dull-looking couch or chair, just go into the cupboard and reach for this creamy treat.

Click through our slideshow to see more unusual cleaning and organizing tips. Be sure to watch the video above from Howcast, and head over to List Verse, to learn other ways to use peanut butter.

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