Shinola Runwell: First Luxury Watch Manufactured In Detroit Is Released

It’s hard to pick up a paper or browse online without stumbling into Shinola – and with good reason, Detroiters are thrilled about the idea of manufacturing in Detroit.

It’s a concept that while we’ve strayed from, we still identify with. And it’s outright exciting to see a company that’s still interested in manufacturing in the city that started it all.

Shinola is becoming quite well known for their watches and bikes – both meticulously made by hand, and designed to stand the test of time.

They’ve now introduced the embodiment of high quality products, The Runwell, a limited edition wristwatch and the first timepiece built in their Detroit watch factory. How cool is that?

Want The Runwell? You may be out of luck. Find out more about the new Shinola timepiece at After 5 Detroit.

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