Shipping Container Houses In Amsterdam Prove That Small Is Better (VIDEO)

WATCH: Here's Proof That Small Is (Way) Better

We've spoken to many tiny home dwellers who think a small house is a happy house. And in an attempt to spread the word that small is beautiful, Jeremy Beasley is visiting unique and teeny homes and documenting the visits on film.

In the video above, Beasley visits one woman who lives in one of the shipping container houses, which are used as student housing in Amsterdam. Although, the home is a mere 215 square feet, the young woman says she has all the room she needs, including enough space for her cat. In fact, she loves her place so much, she cant ever see herself living in a big home.

Beasley also visited a woman named Ingrid who lives on a tiny home boat house in Amsterdam and also believes the smaller, the better. Watch the video above, and be sure to head over to The Tiny House Film for more information.

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