Centuries-Old Shipwreck Chock-Full Of Gold Found Off Finnish Coast

More than $150 million worth of gold treasure has been found in a centuries-old shipwreck discovered recently off the coast of Finland -- and it has archaeologists going gaga.

Divers found the ship and its treasure -- 10,000 gold coins and jewelry -- south of the Finnish island of Jussarö, Discovery News reported.

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The divers think the sunken vessel, a legendary 15th-century ship named Hanneke Wrome, sank in a storm. According to historic documents, the ship had more than 200 passengers and crew members aboard. In addition to the coins and jewelry, it carried 200 parcels of fabric and 1,200 barrels of honey.

"It was one of the major maritime casualties of the time," Rauno Koivusaari, who led the team of divers, told Discovery News about the ship. "The wreck is scattered in east-west direction, confirming the dynamic of the sinking during the eastern storm."

Hanneke Wrome was one of two ships that left Luebeck, Germany, for Tallinn, Estonia in northern Europe on Nov. 11, 1468, China's official Xinhua news agency reported. Heavy storms forced the ships to the more northerly coast of Finland, where the Hanneke Wrome sank. The other ship survived the journey to Tallinn.

The Finnish National Board of Antiquities plans to study the shipwreck this summer, according to Xinhua.

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