Shiraz On The Shelf Is Perfect For Parents Who Are So Over Elf On The Shelf

Comedian and mom Dena Blizzard wants to help parents survive the holidays.
11/30/2018 10:54am ET
Dena Blizzard/One Funny Mother
Comedian and mom Dena Blizzard created "Shiraz on the Shelf."

Move over, Elf on the Shelf and Mensch on a Bench. There’s a new holiday craze in town that’s just for parents’ enjoyment.

Dena Blizzard, the comedian and mom behind “One Funny Mother,” has created Shiraz on the Shelf ― the perfect new tradition for wine-loving moms and dads. Shiraz on the Shelf is a kit featuring a special wine glass and Christmas booklet that’s sure to resonate with “the harried, under-appreciated moms out there who might need a little help to survive the holidays.”

All parents have to do is place their Shiraz on the Shelf wine glass somewhere at night and by morning, a magical being will have filled it with much-needed wine to fuel their holiday shopping, decorating, gift-wrapping, cookie-baking and more. (The magical wine-filling part seems unlikely, but perhaps a truly magical spouse could do the morning pours.)

Blizzard, who achieved viral fame with her Chardonnay Go and Target videos, wrote the accompanying Shiraz on the Shelf booklet, which features a cheeky Christmas poem about a tired mom tasked with doing everything around the house to prepare for the holidays.

Dena Blizzard/One Funny Mother
"T'was ten days 'til Christmas and all through the home, not a creature was stirring just a mom all alone."
Dena Blizzard/One Funny Mother
"Everyone was fast asleep, they didn't care one bit. They knew Mom would stay up late and finish all this shit."

Of course, a magical fairy arrives to fill her wine glass each night and makes the holiday stress all the more bearable.

The Shiraz on the Shelf gift kit is available on the One Funny Mother website for $29.99. As the press release notes, “Wine not included, but highly encouraged.”