Shirazee's "Different" Music Video Will Blow Your Mind

One iPhone 6s. Thirteen different countries. Shirazee made a huge splash on the internet yesterday with the release of his debut music video, "Different." From showing his humble beginnings in Porto Novo, Benin to jamming in the streets of New York City with a starving artist, Shirazee will no doubt bring a giant smile to your face. The musician on the rise spent over a year working on this creative endeavor. Focused on putting out a video with a memorable and unique feel, the well-traveled Shirazee was determined to show people that music and the power of imagination was alive and well.

In an exclusive interview, Shirazee described what he listened to when he is younger. He told me, "My mother always played a variety of music. One minute it was The Eagles and then the next minute it was Michael Jackson. Why do I know these melodies? I'm from a French speaking country. I'm not supposed to like that kind of stuff but I did...Because of those moments I turned out to be the way I am." Shirazee's variety of musical interests helped lead him to write hits for current big time acts including Kiesza. When reflecting on working with her, Shirazee said, "My manager had introduced me to her as this artist that he believed in strongly. He worked with her for four years. She was this girl from Canada who had a dream and to work with her was awesome." Despite finding success writing for other people, Shirazee knew he was destined to be a man with a voice of his own.

Photo Credit: Meredith Truax

That's where the song "Different" came into play. Creating the warm and uplifting melody was personal for Shirazee. He said, "Different came from this very honest place. I needed something different in my life where I wanted to create again. It's a very special song to me because it reignited something in me and lead me back to my initial dream to allow me to be the artist that I am today." Shirazee matched the powerful song with an equally powerful video. When putting it all together, Shirazee said with a laugh, "Anything that you can see in your mind you can get done." He quickly followed up by saying, "If you can put some time aside to think about it and think it through you can get a lot done. We didn't have a million dollar budget." Shooting all of the footage on his trusty iPhone 6, Shirazee was able to create a masterpiece music video with visuals that will stand the test of time.

Photo Credit: Meredith Truax

The project developed such an interest from the communities he visited that everyone wanted a piece of the action. Shirazee explained, "For the most part, believe it or not it's every day people." Who could blame them? Shirazee's natural charisma and charm rubs off on everyone he crosses paths with. When asked about what is next for him, Shirazee told me with a grin, "Expect a breath of fresh air and something different in music. Hopefully you'll be with me for the rest of the ride because I think it's going to be an interesting one."

We are buckled up and ready to go Shirazee.