Viral Sensation Shirley Caesar Responds To Snoop’s Music Video For The #UNameItChallenge

"May I thank Snoop Dogg for doing such a marvelous job?"

Chris Brown started it. Then a flood of dance-happy social media users got in on the craze. Then Snoop Dogg took the whole thing to the next level. Now, the original voice behind the viral #UNameItChallenge is responding to Snoop’s two-minute iteration of the remixed “beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes” holiday anthem ― and she loves it.

As legendary gospel singer Shirley Caesar tells WhereAreTheyNow.buzz, she’s thrilled that her rendition of the 1988 classic “Hold My Mule” is experiencing longevity thanks to DJ Suede’s remix. Caesar also says she’s grateful that celebrities like Snoop Dogg have helped to bring attention to the song, which recently reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Gospel Songs chart.

“May I thank Snoop Dogg for doing such a marvelous job?” Caesar says. “Even the church accepts this. So, thank you, Snoop!”

Caesar hopes that the phenomenon keeps going, and even has her eye on one particular artist she’d like to see participate.

“Now that we have Snoop Dogg, I’d like to see a female do it,” Caesar says. “I’d like to see Missy Elliott. I’d like to hear her do it!”

Meanwhile, Caesar also hopes that fans of the #UNameItChallenge will participate another way: To help feed families in need this holiday season, Caesar has launched a new website to sell #UNameItChallenge merchandise (bags, aprons, mugs, clothes) with the proceeds going to feed the less fortunate. Visit UNameItShirley.com for more info.

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