Shirley MacLaine Says You Only Need 3 Things In Life (VIDEO)

Shirley MacLaine has spent decades expressing her deep-rooted beliefs about spirituality -- from meditation to reincarnation -- without hesitating to discuss even the more controversial aspects of her ideas. Yet, when Oprah asks the actress and What If... author what she most wants to communicate on an episode of "Super Soul Sunday," MacLaine takes an unexpected pause.

"In a way, I feel responsible, having been so curious and had the freedom to explore these things and find answers for myself," MacLaine begins.

But she'd like to go further. "What I would like to do is have 10 or 12 people who are really as curious as I am and do seminars where we share and ask each other questions," MacLaine shares. "I would love that... To sit with people who are similarly inclined to be as curious and have little trips with their imagination."

"And what is it you want to leave them with?" Oprah asks.

MacLaine chuckles. "The notion that all you really need in life is some fresh water, a good hat and a really good pair of shoes," she says.

Oprah laughs, as does the crew. "I can hear them laughing back there," Oprah tells MacLaine. "Everybody expected a different answer!"

"I know," MacLaine says. "I don't have any answers. Honest to goodness, I don't."

"Super Soul Sunday" airs Sundays at 11 a.m. ET on OWN.

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