Shirley Temple Did Not Join Twitter According To Her Rep (UDATED)

UPDATE: A rep for Shirley Temple told The Huffington Post that the account did not belong to the former actress, but rather someone impersonating her.

PREVIOUSLY: Stop what you are doing; Shirley Temple has joined Twitter.

Though her account has yet to be verified by Twitter, it appears the original child star joined the microblogging site on Jan. 23 and she's already got the hang of it. The 84-year-old, who now goes by the name Shirley Temple Black, has already amassed 6,100 followers, tweeted at Dyke Van Dyke and fielded some burning questions from her fans.

When asked what advice she had for today's child stars, the "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" actress told the fan:

The former child star also answered a question about why she left Hollywood, telling a fan she "was drawn to diplomacy-to create a more peaceful world.I have great respect for the Foreign Service. (i left acting in 1950)~"

And rather fittingly, Temple was asked what she thinks of the current child star of the moment, Honey Boo Boo -- but she needed a bit of help:

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