Shirt Around Waist Trend? Kanye, Rihanna & More Are Out To Make This '90s Look Cool Again (PHOTOS, POLL)

Somewhere between 1996 to 1998, I wore a shirt tied around my waist. It was both utilitarian (a handy coverup whenever I didn't want people looking at my butt) and a quasi-fashion statement. But nowadays, we're seeing the somewhat dweeby trend I once adored on otherwise pretty cool people. Everyone from Kanye to Rihanna to rapper Wiz Khalifa are resurrecting this '90s throwback.

Secretly, I still sort of love it, and so do a few others here at the Stylelist office. In addition to covering butts, it's also a hands-free way to carry a wrap if it gets chilly. Also, layering is really in, thanks to J. Crew, and this is another way to create that effect. Are we alone… or are you with us?

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Shirts Around The Waist Trend