Sh*t Apple Fanatics Say: Meme Returns With Hilarious Video Featuring A Machead (VIDEO)

Earlier this year, the "Shit (insert stereotype here) Say" meme was in full force.

Girls, vegans, gay guys, monks -- just about everyone seemed to be "saying" stuff and posting it on YouTube.

We assumed that the "shit-saying" meme ship had long sailed, but this new video entitled "Shit Apple Fanatics Say" has proved that the meme's humor is still very much alive and biting.

In this hilarious clip, an Apple fanboy (you know the type) makes all sorts of stilted comments about the tech company while he expresses his love for all things Mac-tastic.

"Apple should totally make iced coffee," says the bespectacled Machead who features in the video, as he slurps on a cold cup of joe.

The first minute and a half of this is sheer brilliance. Watch it, and tell us what you think of these Apple Evangelists in the comments below.

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