Shit Chicagoans Say: Is It Accurate? (VIDEO)

Does anyone really get the Pink Line?

Yet another "Shit Whoever Says" video was released this week, and this time, it targets Chicagoans. The video, which stars Robert Bacon, Marie Maloney and Tess Borgerding has already been criticized for being "North Side-centric," but features some one-liners that all Chicagoans will probably agree with:

* It will always be the Sears Tower.
* Ketchup on hotdogs is unacceptable.
* The Red Line does always smell like piss.

Otherwise, we aren't so sure. Watch the video above and let us know what you think. Also, we still want to see the drunk Cubs fan do one of these...

Not satisfied? There was another "Shit Chicagoans Say" video posted on YouTube this week as well.