'Shit Girls Say' Goes From Twitter To Web Series (VIDEO)

WATCH: Sh*t Girls Say

Shit Girls Say is a parody Twitter account from writers Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard that pokes fun at stereotypically feminine ways of talking, and now they're taking the laughs to YouTube.

While the concept has been skewed as either hilarious or insulting depending on who you're talking to, one thing is for sure: it's incredibly popular. They have over 54,000 followers on Twitter, and with the move to video that number is bound to grow.

Considering the failure of Twitter-to-TV model "Shit My Dad Says" to find a foothold, the guys have probably chosen wisely in bringing their tweets to life where their audience already resides. And with a Juliette Lewis cameo in their very first episode, we have a feeling these guys have a lot of other tricks up their sleeves for us in future episodes.

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