Sh*t Girls Say Parodies Part Two: Even More Of The Best Of The Meme (VIDEOS)

Even More Sh*t People Say

When "Shit Girls Say," the popular Twitter account dedicated to poking fun at women, made the jump to web series back in December, nobody had any idea the huge ripple effect it would have.

Some initial parody videos cropped up and made us all LOL, but now more than a month later the meme is still going strong, with people finding creative new spins on the original format.

But the more of these videos get made, the more specific the titles need to be, which means some of the mass appeal might be wearing off. That isn't stopping people from taking swings at the joke, though. We've rounded up some of the best that have gotten popular since our last slideshow, and we'll let you guys be the judges and vote for your favorites.

Shit People Say

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