Shit Joe Walsh Says: Tea Party Rep's Outbursts Featured In Montage After 'Radical Islam' Remark (VIDEO)

Following his latest in a seemingly endless series of outbursts that have drawn the ire of many -- including a number of his constituents -- and turned him into a regular on the cable news circuit, Tea Party-affiliated U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) is the subject of a long overdue montage.

On Monday, one day after Walsh's first TV ad debuted during the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, CREDO Mobile's super PAC unveiled a YouTube clip compiling some of the congressman's most widely publicized tirades.

The title of the nearly two-minute clip? "Sh*t Joe Walsh says."

"If I offend anybody tough," Walsh proclaims in the first clip, taken from a town hall meeting.

The video goes on to feature a highlight reel, of sorts, from comments Walsh made during a range of events and media appearances including the infamous "Cup of Joe" meet-and-greet last fall ("Don't blame the banks ... that pisses me off!"), remarks he made about the Democratic Party working to keep racial minorities "dependent on the government" and his fiery interview with CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield ("Ashleigh, Ashleigh, Ashleigh.")

The most recent Walsh clip included the CREDO video is the congressman's remark last Wednesday that there is "a radical strain of Islam in this country ... trying to kill Americans every week." Walsh's office defended the comment and emphasized that "we cannot let political correctness blind us to reality."

"While most Muslims in America and around the world are as peace loving as the rest of us, we would be foolish to ignore the fact that there is a radical minority that simply wants to destroy America and the values that we stand for," Walsh's statement continued.

Following the congressman's remarks, two attacks were launched against houses of worship in suburban Chicago, near Walsh's district. On Friday, police were alerted when a man pointed an air rifle toward the Muslim Education Center in Morton Grove, Ill. and on Sunday, a 7-Up bottle filled with acid and other unspecified chemicals was thrown at an Islamic school in Lombard, where Ramadan prayers were underway.

No one was hurt in either incident.

Walsh is being challenged in Illinois' 8th congressional district by Tammy Duckworth, whom the congressman previously said was not a "true hero" because she discusses her military service too often.

California-based cell phone company CREDO's super PAC has targeted Walsh among a group of 2012 candidates whom they consider the "most odious members of Congress."

The National Journal previously named Walsh's district as the third most likely to change parties this fall, bested only by districts currently represented by retiring congressmen.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly read that Walsh's recent comments about Islam were not included in the CREDO video. That is not the case.



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