18 Things You Should Never Say To Non-Binary People

"What's your junk like?"

Back in 2012, the dawning of a new internet phenomenon occurred which saw people making videos that helped others understand the unique plights of those who navigate the world via different identity groups.

Usually beginning with 鈥Shit People Say To...鈥 these videos played a vital role in educating people about the experiences of marginalized groups through a comedic lens. Now, a pair of non-binary activists, Owl and Fox, are using this internet video trope to inform people about the experiences of non-binary people.

鈥淲e want people to realize and acknowledge that being non-binary is an authentic identity and it鈥檚 not just something people decide or choose to do because they felt like it,鈥 the pair told The Huffington Post. 鈥淚t鈥檚 real and we don鈥檛 have to conform to the binary standards of society when it comes down to gender to be considered real or authentic. This video is supposed to highlight that through comedy, sarcasm and hopefully provide some education as well.鈥

Check out the video for yourself above or head here to see more from Owl and Fox.

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