'Sh*t Shosh Says,' 'Girls' Season 2 Edition (VIDEO)

Shoshanna Shapiro wasn't supposed to be a major character on HBO's "Girls," but she captured the audience's attention from beginning. Part of her appeal is that out of the four main young women, Shosh is the most earnest and least likely to successfully play anything cool, or even try. She asks tough questions about butt plugs, knows that turning in her V-card doesn't mean that she's "devalued," and she totally knows where all the junkies in her building hang out. Masterfully played by Zosia Mamet and given some of the show's funniest lines and scenarios, she's become one of the most beloved female characters currently on TV.

In honor of everyone's favorite side-braided NYU student, we present to you: "Sh*t Shosh Says -- Season 2." We hope you enjoy her musings on "Little Women," "the fabric of life" and emojis as much as we do. (And if you're feeling nostalgic about first season Shosh, just click here for some of her best one-liners from last year.)

Video produced by Amber Genuske.

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