Shoe Fashion Week To Launch in September

The luxury footwear space just got a little bit more social. Shoe Fashion Week, which launches in September during the thick of NYFW SS 2013, celebrates the luxury shoe market in fashion week form with an emphasis on social media. The focus of the event will be on top designers and fashion houses in the space, but it also sets up the proper scope for traditional and new media interviews as well as live cameras, creating an interactive experience. "We want to build features and narrative media designed to show off accessories and the designers and heritage behind," said Paul Farkas, co-founder of Shoe Fashion Week. "We'll be featuring shoes, handbags, and accessories as they flow." Farkas, who is also CEO of Social TV, gets both luxury brands and social campaigns. Parallel to the event, Style Socialite Club with is also launching. "(I'm) very into real-time transmedia so can't wait to push digital envelope."

What goes into a luxury footwear fashion week? "Key events are our luxury Shoe Fashion Show, Handbag and Shoe Lounge, Style Media House, and designer Sneaker Concert," offers Farkas. "In addition to trends, we understand that brand heritage, cultural milestones and adoration, and creative enlightenment should be explored, highlighted and awarded in the luxury footwear space and accompanying accessories market. We are producing our Runway Shows and Exhibitions featuring luxury shoes at its core, from our careful designer curation, to Strutway and Accessories Cam, and accompanying narrative media."

And then of course there are celebrities. One cannot have luxury footwear without the celebrities and their brand associations. "Beyond the high fashion buy-in, an early remarkable sign for Shoe Week is the cultural bridge that is forming between the celebrities attached and their respective affinity toward luxury shoes and high sportswear," adds Farkas.