Big-Hearted Teen Surprises Coach With The Air Jordans He Always Wanted

"Oh man, I've wanted these since I was in sixth grade and I never got 'em."

Thomas Walser couldn’t stop smiling after a kind student surprised him with a pair of Nike Air Jordan 12s, which he’d always dreamed of owning and had once casually said were his favorite shoes.

The defensive coordinator and linebackers coach at Coronado High School in Lubbock, Texas, beamed with genuine delight after Hector Montez gave him the thoughtful gift on Thursday.

Video filmed by another student shows Montez thanking Walser for “always keeping it real” with him.

You told me sophomore year this is your favorite shoe and you told me your size, but you don’t even remember,” the youngster added, before handing over a shoe box. Walser opened it up — and couldn’t believe his eyes.

Oh man, what? And they are my size. I’ve wanted these since I was in sixth grade and I never got ‘em,” he said, before embracing the student.

“Man, I’m gonna cry,” he added. “Since I was 12 years old I wanted this shoe.”

Walser then tried on his new sneakers and, despite admitting that they didn’t exactly go with his pants, described them as “awesome.”

He later thanked Montez again for the unexpected gift via Twitter: