Shok-1 Street Art X-Rays Reveal A Unique Hand At The Can

The Glowing X-Ray Art That Sets This Street Artist Apart
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Three decades since starting as an aerosol writer, Shok-1 may be more commonly referred to as a street artist today, even though graffiti is still in his bones.

After experimenting with a number of styles that lean more toward illustration and caricature, the England-born fine artist has primarily focused on one unique style that sets him apart from others, which is harder to do in the ever-more-dense street art genre.

2014-03-26-brooklynstreetartshok1jaimerojo0314web1.jpgShok-1 (Photo © Jaime Rojo)

Clavicles, metacarpals, femurs, tibiae, fibulae, patellae, mandible, scapulae, sternum, vertebrae, and coccyx; all of these and many fictional hybrids of them comprise the glowing X-ray compositions that distinguish Shok-1's work on walls around the world. The translucent quality is due to his meticulous technique with cans and caps, and a closely held method at that. The fluorescence and rainbow effects that transform his earlier eerie monochrome paintings are probably due to his imagination, and his desire to experiment further.

Not often painting in New York, Shok-1 is shown here in Brooklyn last week as he demonstrated his new color technique on a large scale piece he calls "X-Rainbow (God was Nature)". He also experimented in black with a couple subjects of a more insectual nature. Without giving away any of his secrets, here you can see some of the technique that goes into his now signature style.

2014-03-26-brooklynstreetartshok1jaimerojo0314web2.jpgShok-1 (Photo © Jaime Rojo)

2014-03-26-brooklynstreetartshok1jaimerojo0314web3.jpgShok-1 (Photo © Jaime Rojo)

2014-03-26-brooklynstreetartshok1jaimerojo0314web7.jpgShok-1 (Photo © Jaime Rojo)

2014-03-26-brooklynstreetartshok1jaimerojo0314web4.jpgShok-1 (Photo © Jaime Rojo)

2014-03-26-brooklynstreetartshok1jaimerojo0314web8.jpgShok-1 (Photo © Jaime Rojo)

2014-03-26-brooklynstreetartshok1jaimerojo0314web6.jpgShok-1 (Photo © Jaime Rojo)

2014-03-26-brooklynstreetartshok1jaimerojo0314web5.jpgShok-1 (Photo © Jaime Rojo)

Shok-1 completed these walls in coordination with and at the invitation of The Bushwick Collective.


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