Shooting At Texas Party: One Dead, 7 Injured Including 11-Year-Old Child

One person was killed and seven others injured amid shootings and stabbings at a girl's birthday party -- all because the house ran out of beer, police say.

Four of the victims were shot, including an 11-year-old child. Two others were stabbed and another two were beaten up outside, according to CBS News.

The 11 year old, who took a bullet to the stomach, was the only child injured in the melee and is expected to survive. An unidentified adult male died, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Cops haven't released names of victims or suspects while they investigate the brawl.

"It doesn't make sense in a sane world," Ellis County Sheriff's Lt. R.D. White told WFAA. "That's why we're trying to sort it out."

White told the station that the fight started when two groups of people at the Quinceanera party -- a celebration for a 15-year-old girl -- started arguing over beer. At least two handguns were fired, and the brawl spilled out into the rural home's front yard. Knives, fists and even bricks were used as weapons.

"There was two rounds of gunshots," said neighbor Teresa Duran. "We came out to look, and there was so much chaos of cars leaving and people were running and people were screaming for family members that we didn't know what was going on."

Cops are still waiting to interview some of the victims at the hospital, the station reported.