Shooting Down the NRA!

There is a interesting idea floating around these days about how to kill the National Rifle Association.

Join it!!!!

For only $25 a year, you will not only receive a host of membership benefits and a subscription to three different gun magazines, but also -- on the proviso that enough of us subscribe to this irresistible offer -- the right to vote Wayne LaPierre out of office and ban firearms from the United States.

By constituting a voting majority of the NRA, we might even start a movement to abolish police weapons as well, a condition long observed in England, where, as a result, the murder rate has remained about 138 times less than that in the United States. Regarding the abolition of hunting rifles, that decision will depend entirely on your attitude towards killing animals. The clearest and most effective procedure, in my opinion, would be a universal abolition of any device requiring bullets.

Members of the NRA unite! You have nothing to lose but your powder burns.