6 Teens Injured In Shooting Near High School In Aurora, Colorado

“I need us all to be outraged by what happened here today,” the police chief said, decrying the “public health crisis” that is gun violence.

Six teenage students from Aurora Central High School in Colorado were hospitalized with injuries from a shooting at a nearby park on Monday.

Multiple shots were fired in a drive-by shooting at Nome Park, with the suspect still at large, Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson said at a press conference Monday afternoon.

Five teens age 14 to 17 were transported to a local hospital, and one 18-year-old got there by themselves. One of the students is in surgery, but none have life-threatening injuries, per the police chief.

“I need us all to be outraged by what happened here today,” Wilson said, urging anyone who has video or any information on the incident to come forward.

“Enough is enough ... This is a public health crisis,” she added, referring to gun violence. “There’s a violence crisis across the nation right now.”

There are multiple suspects in the shooting, with some possibly on foot in addition to in a vehicle, the police chief said, noting it was still early in the investigation.

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