Shooting Suspect Ryan Patrick Peck Caught While Allegedly Urinating In Public

If you're going to be caught with your pants, it's best not to be urinating.

Police in Florida found more than they expect on Thursday when a man relieving himself behind some trees turned out to be wanted for shooting last year, the Naples Daily News reports.

Police found Ryan Patrick Peck, 26, while investigating a stolen Burberry wristwatch in the North Naples area, according to a crime report provided to The Huffington Post. Peck was urinating in a garden of bushes -- time piece in his front pocket -- shortly after a man reported the item missing, according to the report.

Authorities discovered that, in addition to an inability to hold it in, Peck was wanted in Collier County on charges surrounding a May 23, 2011, shooting. A witness of that shooting told authorities that Peck tried to shoot her for stealing a "small bag" of Peck's marijuana, the report said.

Matching DNA placed Peck at the scene, police said.

Peck remains in jail. He is charged with four felony counts including burglary and grand theft. However, none of the charges are related to peeing in public.



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