This Gigantic, Street-Legal Shopping Cart Goes 50 MPH

It holds six people and 146 shopping bags.

Even the express lane is too slow for this souped-up shopping cart.

The Shopper Chopper and it's the world’s only street-legal drivable shopping cart.

The super-sized shopping cart is 9 feet tall and 12 feet long and can hold six people and 146 normal-sized grocery bags.

The Shopper Chopper can reach 50 mph on the open road, which is a good thing since it's too big to get inside the average grocery store.

Instead, it's used for promotional purposes outside.

Calvin VanSant built the colossal cart back in 2012 to help promote his son-in-law's chain of Pennsylvania grocery stores, Musser's Markets.

“He owns a grocery business and asked me to help him build something crazy to promote his stores," he told Barcroft TV.

Looks like he succeeded.

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