8 Reasons Shopping Alone Is The Greatest

8 Reasons Shopping Alone Is The Best

People who love shopping consider the act to be an art form. They have techniques to find the best bargains, carefully strategize the best time to shop, and possess the super-human strength required to haul all their packages home. They also know that when it comes to shopping, it's best to go it alone.

Cruising the mall with friends and family sounds like fun. After all, they provide a whole second set of hands to help hold your purchases. But upon further investigation, the joy of shopping solo outweighs the desire to have someone with you to split fro-yo with at the food court.

Here are eight reasons why:

1. You're on your own schedule.

Just because you've blocked off the necessary hours it takes to fully achieve a successful shopping trip, that doesn't mean your partner has.

2. You can take as long (or little) as you like in each store.

Everyone shops at their own pace. When you shop with someone, you risk either waiting for them to be done or rushing in an effort to not keep them waiting. Can you say stressful?

3. There's no one to sway you out of (or into) buying something.

So what if those black pumps are 50 percent off? If they hurt your feet, your gut instinct will be to leave them on the shelf. With a friend who can't feel, but only see, how perfect they look, you might be swayed to buy said shoes. On the other hand, If there's something you really want that a shopping buddy doesn't like, they could influence your decision, too.

4. And there's no one to judge you.

Sometimes you don't need to be reminded that the money you just dropped on a new dress could have gone toward paying rent, right?

5. Two words: no distractions.

6. You don't have to show anyone what you're trying on.

There's something very annoying about hearing "Come out and show me!" when you're standing in the dressing room in just a bra.

7. Or feel obligated to see someone else's picks, for that matter.

No offense, but peeking out every time your partner puts something else on adds unnecessary time to the already dreaded fitting room experience.

8. You call the shots.

Those stores you hate but your friend loves? Not an issue if you're shopping for one.

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