Shopping for a (Political) Label

Okay, you might know I'm not really interested in politics, preferring to focus on how we run the country -- that is, governance.

It does make conversation easier if I have some label, and for a while, it was "libertarian moderate." My background was pretty intensely libertarian in my youth, but I didn't care much for the last maybe twenty years.

However, I've been doing customer service every day for over fourteen years, exposed to thousands of people, many of whom are suffering. That changes a guy, and me, in particular.

My focus is now on what works -- what relieves that suffering -- in an imperfect system.

Last year, on the way to, the phrase "libertarian pragmatist" came to me. The folks there also suggested "civic libertarian" but the first one captured not only my perspective, but that of much of the Internet industry.

The deal here is that I believe both in limiting government, and that we all need to work together to solve big problems. The current health care situation perfectly illustrates the failure of the market to solve a problem, and where we need private/public partnership to ease the suffering of millions.

Oddly enough, according to the #tcot report principles, I'm a "conservative," but that term's been taken by special interests, so probably wise to avoid.

So folks, how about "libertarian pragmatist?"