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How Shopping At Forever21 Is An ENTIRELY Different Experience When You're Over 21

When Kanye West rapped about people that "rock Forever 21 but just turned 30," everyone who fell into that age bracket let out a collective sigh. While Forever21 isn't exclusively for teens and young twenty-somethings, it sure as hell feels that way if you've been in one of their stores in your 30s.

Shopping at the fast-fashion retailer was once like being a kid loose in a candy store. Now it's more like being an adult at Chuck E. Cheese -- the experience is nothing like you remembered. At one point in our lives we were all about "going-out" tops and $5 tchotchkes, but now all we want is well-priced, comfortable, quality items and a $5 glass of wine.

Behold, 16 ways in which shopping at Forever21 is different once you've passed the age of 21:

1. You start to notice that every shopper is either with their mother or wearing braces.

2. You used to wait in line for the change rooms, but now you just grab and go as quickly as possible -- everything is cheap enough that it doesn't really matter.

3. You are fully aware that all purchases will probably only last a couple of weeks, max.


5. All of a sudden, everything is SO SHORT.

6. And SO SMALL.

7. While you're standing in the very long checkout line, you decide none of the things you've picked out are worth the wait.

8. You realize that you can no longer pull off clothes with holes in them.

9. You know that the $5 T-shirt you're about to buy probably comes at the expense of someone who doesn't earn a fair wage, so you put it back.

10. You notice that clothes and jewelry are already falling apart in the store.

11. You have no idea what some of the slogans on the T-shirts mean.

12. When a young girl comes out of the dressing room wearing something you think is in NO WAY age appropriate, and you realize you owned something similar at that age.

13. The entire store looks like the ghosts of Coachella festivals past, present and future.

14. The "ironic" T-shirts reference moments in pop culture history you were alive for. And remember. Clearly.

15. You've decided that comfort trumps a deal when it comes to shoes. Forever21 heels do not make the cut.

16. Shopping at F21 is a commitment in terms of time and patience -- both of which you had when you were younger, and neither of which you have as an adult.

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