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10 Shopping Problems Only Tall Girls Have

We acknowledge that there are many perks of being tall. But with all the good, comes some bad, too. You try finding pants with a 40-inch inseam. You try finding cute high heels that aren't stilettos. You try finding a winter coat with sleeves that are long enough. What we're trying to say is, finding clothes that fit (and look good) can be very challenging for us tall girls.

So, to all the lengthy ladies out there, we totally get you. Here are ten shopping problems all tall girls face:

1. Your feet are too big to fit through the opening of skinny jeans.

2. Sales associates are constantly telling you, "Sorry, these shoes only go up to a size ten. But they fit really, really big." Lies. Straight lies.

3. You exclusively buy elbow-length gloves, as normal gloves are too small to cover your hands.

4. You are constantly asking yourself, "Is this a dress or a top?"

5. You've come to embrace bracelet-length sleeves, because, let's be honest, that's the only option.

6. At the end of a shopping trip, your knees hurt from crouching to see your entire body in the mirror.

7. Buying nice-looking socks is a must as your ankles will inevitably be exposed in your too short pants.

8. You laugh when sales associates tell you that they hem pants for free. Like you'll ever need that.

9. One size fits all never fits you.

10. You almost always bypass the high heels and go straight for the flats. Hey, sometimes a girl doesn't feel like towering over her friends.

We bet these stars feel our pain:

Tall Celebrities

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