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Shore Theater In Coney Island Captured By Photographer Matt Lambros (PHOTOS)

Nearly 40 years since the closing of the Shore Theater in 1973, Coney Island residents have continuously rallied to restore the vacant theater to its former glory.

Although the iconic building finally achieved landmark status in 2010, some preservationists believe more must be done.

In fact, even as recently as June, Dick Zigun (the self-proclaimed unofficial mayor of Coney Island) said the theater should be "occupied" until exhortations for the city to take away the iconic building from its owner, Kansas Fried Chicken founder Horace Bullard, are heard.

Why all the fuss? Photographer Matt Lambros recently had the opportunity to check out the interior of the Shore Theater and the resulting photographs explain the hoopla.

For a brief history of the theater--which used to feature vaudeville, motion pictures, live performances and in the 70s, adult films-- and for more photos, check out Lambros' post on his blog, "After The Final Curtain" here.

And for even more abandoned theater "ruin porn," Buzzfeed has a great roundup here.

Coney Island's Shore Theater

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