Short And Tweet: The Top 12 Tweets Of The Week From The Fringe And Famous (PICTURES)

Twitter Blocked, Obama Accused, And More: The Week's Top 12 Tweets

Short and Tweet, our weekly series, brings you the newsiest, most buzzworthy tweets of the past seven days. What's in store this week? Twitter users in Egypt live tweet violence in the streets, Twitter confirms being blocked in Egypt, Katie Couric helps push a mogul's car out of the snow, and more.

About Short And Tweet: Some tweets make news, and some of those tweets break news. HuffPost Tech's new weekly feature of the top newsmaking tweets of the week will showcase both.

We'll be posting our picks for the tweets of the week, but we want to hear from you, too: Tweet us suggestions using the hashtag #hptweets, email us links at, or use the tool below to upload screenshots of noteworthy Twitter posts. See last week's picks here.

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