Short Naps Help Us Course Correct

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But what do we do if, despite our best intentions, we're not getting the seven or eight hours a night of sleep we need? Researchers have found that even short naps can help us course correct. Throughout history, famous nappers have included Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Eleanor Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and John F. Kennedy. Charlie Rose, a famous napper of our time, told me that he is now taking up to three naps a day: 'I have a nap after we finish our CBS morning show, a nap before I tape my own show, and a nap before I go out in the evening. I don't like the feeling of going through my day tired!' According to David Randall, author of Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep, a short nap 'primes our brains to function at a higher level, letting us come up with better ideas, find solutions to puzzles more quickly, identify patterns faster and recall information more accurately.' -- Arianna Huffington, Thrive

Need To Recharge?

Dr. Breus states that napping is the way of the world. Sighting that many of today's Olympians and other top athletes report taking long naps in the afternoon as part of their training regimen. British Airways even allows its pilots to snooze briefly during trans-Atlantic flights, on the theory that they'll be more alert when it comes time to land.

It's taken some time for naps to gain popularity and workplace acceptance. But enlightened executives like Arianna Huffington have plugged into "NapQuest" rooms that are outfitted with Energy Pods at the headquarters of Huffington Post in New York.

Adaptive Sleep Technology Designed To Help You Sleep Better

Mental recharging forms the basis of sleep.

Found only in Adaptive Sleep Technology is a combination of features that work together to help you sleep better, get more rest and assist the processes of physical and mental recharging that form the basis of sleep.

This technology addresses the factors that are crucial in assisting you to get the sleep you need. It adjusts your environment to meet the conditions required for quality sleep. These include:

Proper support. Incorrect spinal alignment or localized pressure points can cause more than discomfort. This may lead to tossing and turning or even interrupt the sleep cycle.

Temperature regulation. Variations in temperature may also interrupt the sleep cycle, particularly in those stages where the body's own temperature regulating mechanism is temporarily suspended.

A relaxing, calming atmosphere. Ambient conditions and massage effects are known to be beneficial in promoting better rest and helping the onset of sleep.

A more natural sleep environment. Both the individual technologies and the materials used in adaptive sleep systems are intended to bring your sleep area as close as possible to nature, more in accord with the conditions normal to the human body.

No other sleep system offers this kind of innovation ˜ multiple systems designed to optimize your sleep surroundings.

Adapting To The Needs Of Each Individual's Requirements

An adaptive sleep environment optimizes each of these different factors for each individual, even if they share a bed with a partner who might have significantly different requirements at any one time.

Creating Our Personal Sleep Revolution

Creating a healthier, happier life doesn't need to be complicated. By simply incorporating an adaptive sleep system, my recommended choice is the Kenko Naturest Sleep System, into our bed and adding the sleep tips suggested in my first and previous article, we will begin to create our personal revolution that will change our culture, our thinking, our workplaces, and our lives.

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