Short Order: Jonathan Gold's Praise For Pressman And Silverton

Earlier this year foodies, family and friends lost one of our most devoted chefs, Amy Pressman. She was a young 53 when she lost her battle with cancer, but her spirit is here to stay, especially at her restaurant.

"Short Order feels very much like her place," asserts Pulitzer Prize winning food critic Jonathan Gold in his recently published review of Pressman's "dream restaurant" -- Short Order.

Jonathan Gold's First Bite can make or break a Culinarian's heart -- and in this case, he absolutely makes it for Amy. Gold has crowned Short Order, "the newest queen of the great Los Angeles hamburger pageant" -- something that could only be attributed to the two Queen chefs who created it: Amy Pressman and Nancy Silverton.

The Huffington Post sat down with Pressman shortly before her passing to talk about Short Order, which had not yet opened. "Every part of it, from the drinks to the wine, is going to be really spectacular and really distinctive," Pressman promised -- and she really followed through. Below is a run-down from Gold on what to expect from their savory burgers:

There are big, drippy hamburgers, including an oversized In-N-Out-style creature named for Suzanne Tracht's daughter Ida; an herbed turkey burger named for Pressman; and a bacon-avocado-laced Nancy's Backyard Burger, which explodes like a meat grenade the instant it is breached by human teeth. A "raft" is a new creation, basically a buttery bun topped by a burger patty, topped with a frisee salad laced with chunks of small-producer bacon, and in turn topped with a runny fried egg, a burger that seems simultaneously girly and gnarly.

For more information on Short Order and the upcoming Short Cake, please reference the website. To share your memories of Amy, please visit "Friends of Amy Pressman" on Facebook.

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