Very Short Stories: Hilarious Twitter Stories

13 Hilarious Twitter Stories

The current media consumption climate is ideal for short stories to thrive. Readers enjoy tightly packed tidbits found while browsing social networking sites on their iPads or e-readers. Taking advantage of this notion, improv comedian Sean Hill created a Twitter account for which he scribes very short stories in 140 characters or less.

His tales are based on single nouns submitted by followers, and have been compiled in the book "Very Short Stories: 300 Bite-Size Works of Fiction" [Ulysses, $14.95].

Hill isn't the first writer to experiment with micro fiction. Salman Rushdie typed a short story on Twitter, one line at a time. And of course Daniel Sinker took over our very own feed to tell a short story last year.

Here are some of our favorites from Very Short Stories. You'll never read as many tales in such a short time.

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