Shorter University Bans Gay Employees

Georgia University Bans Gay Employees

A small, private college in Georgia has a new requirement for its employees: that they be straight.

Shorter University, a Christian Baptist school located in Rome, Ga., is mandating that its 200 employees sign a "personal lifestyle pledge" declaring that they reject homosexuality, premarital sex and adultery, WSBTV reports.

Shorter President Don Dowless told WSBTV that their goal "is not to offend people," but to "declare who we are."

The New York Daily News reports that there has been some pushback to the pledge on campus:

One employee told the Georgia Voice newspaper that the pledge has some fearing "witch hunts" on campus.

"We now will live in fear that someone who doesn't like us personally or someone who has had a bad day will report that we've been drinking or that we are suspected of being gay," the employee, who didn t give his name, told the Voice, an LBGT-oriented paper in Atlanta.

That employee told the Voice that students weren't happy about the pledge.

The statement also requires that employees abstain from drug use and participate in local church activity.

See more at WSBTV.

What do you think? Is the university within its rights to ban gay employees? Weigh in below.

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