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The Best Shorts To Wear If You Have Bigger Thighs

At this point we've established that men wearing shorts is a polarizing subject. But when it comes to women, the leg-baring garments are a warm-weather must.

We like to think of shorts as one of fashion's finest forms of air conditioning -- but that's only if you find the right pair for your shape, of course. After tackling the woes of larger-chested women when trying to find sundresses, we decided to take on the challenge that ladies with large thighs have when picking the right pair of shorts.

Thankfully there are plenty of different types of shorts to choose from. We've filtered through the countless options and gathered a selection that will accommodate your body without sacrificing an ounce of style.

Side-Slit Shorts
What a difference a few slits can make. These picks offer ample room for larger thighs thanks to their flirty design.
Note: You might want to wear a pair of boy short underwear or biker shorts underneath these picks, since a swift wind could send them sailing up.

Top row:
, $175;
, $10. Bottom row:
, $31;
, $44;
, $52.

Pleated shorts
These ingenious folds allow the fabric to move with, not against, you. And for those who believe that pleats are out of style, just take one look at the runways and you'll see they are very in vogue.

Beaded/Embellished Shorts
One of the biggest struggles when wearing shorts -- especially when you have bigger thighs -- is that they ride up at the crotch as you walk. Ugh. The trick to combating this horrifying problem is selecting a pair that's weighed down with beading or other embellishments.

Top row:
, $16;
, $238. Bottom row:
, $66;
, $44;
, $350.
It's Short Shorts Season ...