Shotgun Alley-Oop Dunk At Pride Of Iowa Senior All-Star Basketball (VIDEO)

High School All-Star Game Kicks Off With Amazing Football Play

Don't let Dwyane Wade or Bud Selig fool you. All-star games should be exhibition affairs where participants can get as creative as possible in order to showcase their skills for the fans. For evidence of how fun that can be, look no further than the Pride of Iowa senior all-star game.

After winning the tip at the POI game, one team arranged itself into what resembled a "shotgun" formation in football. That's right, shotgun. Football.

According to the description accompanying this video on YouTube, Collin Thomas was the center who snapped it to apparent quarterback Bryce Carpenter, who sent wide receiver Hunter Van Haalen in motion to his right. Once the ball was snapped, Carpenter rolled to his left and heaved a perfect alley-oop pass from beyond half-court to Van Haalen for the two-handed dunk.

If you want to be nit-picky, Van Haalen may have committed a false start.

We can only imagine if the Thunder pulled this off.

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