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Should Eric Holder Be Impeached for His Refusal to Prosecute Wall Street?

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In a Senate Judiciary hearing last week, our nation's leading law enforcement officer, Attorney General Eric Holder said he believes that Wall Street is too big to jail.

If that's true, then it's game over, folks.

Our nation's leading law enforcement officer has just said that Wall Street can rob you, Wall Street can cheat you, Wall Street can steal from you, Wall Street can launder billions in drug money and at most, all they will get is a fine. Which they can and do write off as a tax deduction. We, the taxpayers, pay their fines through their deductions. The fines are meaningless.

Some people have been calling what Holder said in the hearing a cry for help. And I guess maybe it could be.

I'm sorry, but I do not buy that the Justice Department is powerless. It is not powerless here. Or if it is are, it's 100 percent by choice. Eric Holder could prosecute Wall Street for its crimes, and the fact is he has chosen not to.

He's chosen not to. Because he and, by extension, President Barack Obama feel that Wall Street is too big to jail. They have chosen to make Wall Street above the law.

If Wall Street didn't believe it had a free pass before, how could it not now? Holder has said to Wall Street, break all the laws you want! I can't do any thing about it!

I'm sorry. Eric Holder, for refusing to prosecute Wall Street, should be fired immediately by Barack Obama.

Of course that's not going to happen. Because he's doing this with Obama's blessing. The buck stops with the president and the president has surrounded himself with Wall Street types since day one. From Tim Geithner to Larry Summers to his brand-new Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew.

Not prosecuting Wall Street is President Obama's policy. Period.

He's not going to fire Eric Holder. He's not.

So, I'm going say something controversial here. If Eric Holder refuses to prosecute Wall Street, because he feels they're above the law, which he has admitted to in front of the Senate, and if Obama does not fire him, Congress should impeach him.

They should impeach him.

I know. That's not going to happen either. Congress only impeaches people over sex or affairs. And if Congress did impeach Holder it'd be over something stupid like Fast and Furious. But they should impeach him over his refusal to prosecute Wall Street.

We have one of two things here.

1) We have someone who is either flat-out refusing to enforce the law and do his job.

Or, if you give Democrats the benefit of the doubt, and this really was a cry for help, then

2) He's afraid to do his job. He's too much of coward to do his job. He's scared that if he follows the law on Wall Street the economy will collapse.

Okay. You win, Democrats. I'll accept your version. Eric Holder is a sniveling coward. Either way, he's not doing the job. The Justice Department's job is not to shield and protect the 1 percent.

But fine. Eric Holder thinks they're too big to prosecute? Eric Holder want to break up the big banks? Great. I agree. We need to break them up. But if this is indeed a cry for help, how dare he give it now?

Eric Holder is in his second term. He has been the Attorney General for over four years and now... now he says, hey, Wall Street is too big to jail!

Where was he four years ago? Where was he three years ago? Two years ago? Last year?

Now he's concerned? After ignoring it for all this time? Did he have some epiphany in the last month or so? What changed his mind? He's had four years and he's done nothing!

Maybe it's time we Occupy the Justice Department. Maybe it's time we set our sights on those who refuse or are too afraid to prosecute Wall Street. Maybe it's time we ask for the impeachment of Attorney General Eric Holder.

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