Should Gay Teachers Come Out To Their Students? (POLL)

Each Friday we pose a new "Poll Position" question in hopes of stirring up a little discussion about an issue facing the LGBT community.

This week we're asking for you to sound off on the topic of teachers coming out in the classroom.

As you can see in the slideshow at the bottom of this story, coming out or being openly gay in the workplace can still be a dangerous move for many people and this is especially true for teachers.

We've seen the debate about whether or not children should be taught about or exposed to information about homosexuality at school play out in recent HuffPost Gay Voices stories like the St. Louis music teacher who was fired for revealing his plans to marry his partner and in a blog post by Jody Sokolower who wrote about the difficulties she faced when she came out to her students.

So where do you stand?

Should teachers openly discuss being gay in the classroom? Or is revealing one's sexuality at school inappropriate?

Register your vote and then get involved in the discussion in the comments section.



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