Should Goldman Sachs be Prosecuted for Human Rights Abuses? (VIDEO)

On my show this week ON THE EDGE I ask the question, should Goldman Sachs be prosecuted for human rights violations? I have been in touch with famed human rights attorney Geoffrey Robertson who has agreed to discuss this hypothetical case on my show. My initial thought is that Goldman Sachs was guided in their human rights abuses just like Augusto Pinochet was during the time he was conducting deadly neo-liberal experiments on the population in Chile. The law eventually caught up to the Milton Friedman proselytizing criminal Pinochet and I think the law will eventually catch up with Goldman Sachs, but only if the prosecution venue is moved outside of the U.S.

Here in part 1 of my show ON THE EDGE I discuss the Goldman-Pinochet connection:

part 2

part 3