Should I Be Ashamed?

Hell no.

If you want to be ashamed of your body, go ahead. But this body has given me five children. This cover is not Photoshopped.


It's crazy that we don't even know what real bodies look like. Our daughters see the fitness magazines and social media edits all the stretch marks, (a.k.a. Goddess marks/tattoos) out of pictures like they don't exist. Wrinkles are erased because GOD forbid we look like we are in our 30's, 40's or 50's instead of 22.

Being ashamed of your body is toxic. hame prevents growth. It truly does. Whether it is from abuse imposed by others or your own abusing of your body, forgive yourself. Send it love. I'm all about the woo woo New Agey stuff, but really everything is energy. You know electricity exists and you don't need to stick your finger in the socket to trust that. Don't wait until you're 80 and looking back on pictures to see that you were beautiful, handsome and oh-so-fabulous. Let go of the cultural conditioning, the need to buy the weight loss stuff to make you okay or the wrinkle cream to hook you a man.

It's time to shift to a new space of women cheering on other women as well. No comparisons. If you focus on the fact that your friend has a better butt than you or is better than you in a certain way, what a waste. What is good about you that you're forgetting or totally missing?

The purpose of writing my book was to get you thinking. You don't have to believe or agree with me. I just want to get you thinking. Don't let shame run your life. Whether it's about your body or about your past, you can create the life that you want and the relationship with yourself that you want. I know because I did this myself. I did the inner work on myself. I had lost weight and I did not magically love myself. It's an inside job, happiness and self-love.

Start now. In the present moment, take a deep breath and say internally or aloud, "I love you." It's okay to laugh. It's a release. Your future is yours to create. Start loving your future self now by letting go of shame and embracing all of yourself, right now.

Lovies to all you rockstars!

P. S. This is from when I was 25. It's not about weight loss. It's about loving yourself and believing your value. I know mine. I hope you can own yours.