Should I Get A Prenup? Why You Should Have The Awkward Conversation With Your Partner Before You Get Married | Bustle

Marriage season is here, oh yes, is it here. Although you’ve probably had at least one friend stressing over the flowers or ranting about catering, it’s less likely that you’ve heard anyone discussing the pros of a prenup. Despite prenups being on the rise, there is still a huge disparity between the one third of Americans that say they make sense and the less than five percent of couples that actually have one. That 30 percent gap may seem huge, but it sort of adds up— to even get married in the first place with such high divorce rates you have to believe that, even though divorce is so common, it won’t happen to you, that you’re different. The same reasoning says prenups are good for other people, you’re different. But, statistically, you’re not. And a prenup is an important way to protect yourself. I get it, it’s not fun to talk about. In the middle of all of the “yes, I want to spend my life with you, you, you and only you” working you up into a love-stunned frenzy, talking about a prenup is the romantic equivalent of a cold shower.