The Everything Guide To Wearing Shorts And Socks For Men

How to conquer this summer style.

It’s hot. You want to wear shorts. You want to wear shoes.

This is the dilemma.

You could go without socks, but hot shoes and sweaty feet can make for a gross situation. No-show socks aren’t perfect and tend to slip down your feet, but some guys are unsure about the tall socks-and-short pants combo. Will you look like a stereotypical tourist or like you belong on The Magic School Bus?

We say yes to socks and shorts. Socks are where you can experiment the most with your style with the least amount of risk. It’s just your ankles, after all.

And with the amount of sock subscription startups reaching a fever pitch, it’s easier than ever to find really unique socks.

Just to name a few: Nice Laundry, Foot Cardigan, Sock Fancy, Sock Club, Sock Panda, Soxiety, Ankle Swagger, Soul Socks, Blacksocks, Zoraab, Sockscribe Me ― it’s almost easier to find a statement sock these days than it is to find your ankles.

First, it’s about your shoes: Socks and shorts don’t really work if you’re wearing fancier shoes such as oxfords, espadrilles, loafers or huaraches. (And they rarely work if you’re wearing sandals.) The stylists we interviewed pointed out that it’s best to keep your socks hidden in those cases.

But if you’re going for more of an athleisure look ― something like mesh shorts and Jordans ― Dan Trepanier, tailor, designer and founder of Articles of Style, told HuffPost the athletic ankle sock is your best bet. “Keep them clean, crisp, and similar in color to the sneakers (white with white, black with black),” he said.

If you’re going for the So-Cal look, pair socks with Vans or Chuck Taylors, Megan Collins, founder of Style Girlfriend, told HuffPost. “A clean white tube sock that hits mid-shin looks just right; with any other kind of sneaker, the sky is the limit in terms of color and pattern.”

And don’t roll or fold your socks, advises AskMen: “It looks downright sloppy and while folding your socks looks slightly neater than rolling them, it’s still strange because it makes your ankles appear bulky. Instead just wear your socks pulled straight up, since doing so will create a lean, coherent silhouette with even the most narrow-leg pants.”

Here’s some style inspiration:

Urban Outfitters
This look by works because the off-white Chucks are light, just like the white socks and shirt, which balance the lighter shade of denim shorts. It's the safest way to do shorts and socks.
The same goes for this minimal look: A black and white shirt, white shoes and shorts all get the pop of style at the ankles with matching socks.
Urban Outfitters
If you want to wear taller socks, try shorts that stop above the knee and wear them with high top sneakers, such as the black Chucks in this look.
Urban Outfitters
This is about as classic as you can get: white tube socks topped with stripes, blue Vans and blue shorts -- it's the best of the 1990s back in style.

A photo posted by Nice Laundry (@nicelaundry) on

With statement socks, you can really wear whatever design and color you want -- that's the point. The socks become the focal point of your outfit.
Different shapes, textures and styles can all have fun with that little real estate around their ankles that most guys overlook when getting dressed every day -- but when you do it right, you'll show that you know how to have a little fun with your look.

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